Positive Fridays: BC&Co.’s Adam supporting the wider community during Covid-19

  BC&Co.’s Adam is one of the 750,000 incredible volunteers who signed up to help the NHS. He’s been volunteering, along with his brother and dad, to distribute food to those who need it the most.   Last week, he distributed over 300 meals to local hostels that now accommodate the homeless. He recalls how […]

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How Are Your Employees Coping With Working From Home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly forced all of us to make changes to the ways in which we work. While many startups are agile and amenable to working in new ways, such as allowing people to work from home, now organisations of all sizes have had to adopt this as the new normal, for the […]

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Green credentials – high on the agenda for choosing office space?

  What features do occupiers mostly value when choosing where’s best to let their business thrive and flourish?   Location, accessibility and wi-fi connectivity are usually the three leading arguments in informing an occupier’s decision to rent office space. Occupiers desire to be in an area that is both vibrant and accessible, and one that […]

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A Pat On The Back To Our Friends Supporting The Community During Covid-19

  We’re giving a lot of love to our friends in Shoreditch and beyond, doing their utmost to support the wider community during the Covid-19 pandemic.   Here’s a non-exhaustive list of our friends doing what they can to support frontline heroes and those hunkering down indoors:   Jolene: Baking extraordinaires, aka Jolene, are refocussing […]

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Networking in the age of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the way the people interact, as most parts of the world continue to hunker down indoors to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus virus. Governments worldwide recommend social distancing as a measure to limit human contact and as a result, industries far and wide are encouraging their workforce to work […]

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