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Data Reveals More People Are Back At The Office

A study conducted by Metrikus, a software company, delineates that there has been a surge in the number of people returning to the office.


As the UK government continues to campaign for workers to return to the workplace, office buildings across east London and beyond have noticed a sizeable increase in office occupancy since the beginning of September.


According to Metrikus’ metrics, Thursday 10th September saw a surge of 33 percent in the number of people back in the office compared to 15 percent at the end of August.


The tentative increase in office occupancy is likely to stem from the appeal of redesigned, ‘covid-secure’ office spaces that proliferate enhanced cleaning regimes, social distancing and generally, spaces that allow people to work safely without fear of transmission.


In addition, loneliness triggered by working from home is likely to be a deciding factor for those wanting to go back to the office. Interestingly, Metrikus found that meeting rooms were in operation far more recently, with more face-to-face meetings occurring and more people eating lunch indoors; arguably demonstrating how many prefer to engage with one another in person rather than behind a screen.


Staff camaraderie is a major justification for why more people are spending time together in meetings room. It helps to boost creativity, productivity and morale. Without this key ingredient, that is more potent in person, workers are more likely to feel dejected and demotivated.


It is also worth noting that the data showed people were arriving at work later than usual which highlights the flexible approach employers are taking in welcoming their staff back to work. Agile working for employees is likely to be a sentiment more companies will value, as it affords staff with the ability to avoid busy morning commutes, to work on different shifts and to straddle between working from home and in the office.


The data reveals that, even in spite of the government’s new regulation to limit group meet-ups to six people, it is possible that growing confidence in the office will slowly but, surely catalyse more people to head back to the office.


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