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Belchak Corin & Co like to focus in on creative office space in London. Many firms, especially modern day tech firms are moving away from the traditional corporate style offices, and instead towards creative, modern and functional spaces. Firms are are now starting to realise how much the work environment impacts employees. Enjoying the environment you spend most of your time in can transform your working life and boost your motivation and productivity.

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There are huge number of benefits for firms using creative office spaces. Firstly, ones office can be a reflection of the company ethos, how the company is viewed and what type of employees a firm is trying to attain. The open space and a welcoming environment can increase communication and cooperation amongst colleagues. In addition, having an appealing work space will not only aid the costly and time consuming process for hiring new employees, but it will also help a firm to retain employees.

Due to the numerous benefits that can be gained from transforming a work space in to a more communal and relaxed environment, the number of firms looking these media style units have dramatically increased. Areas such as Shoreditch, Clerkenwell and kings cross have seen a massive for further creative space, in the main these are occupiers from the TMT sector (tech, media, telecommunications). These occupiers are particularly attracted to the eastern city fringes warehouse style buildings that are well known for offering good ceiling heights, natural light and an abundance of character.

Creative spaces have adapted in recent years with the emergence of co-working operators such as Office Group and We Work. These corporations have revolutionised the way creative office occupiers work, moving away from the more mundane corporate style spaces, these operators focus on providing space with exposed services, exposed ceiling and exposed brick work.


Where to Find the Best Creative Office Space London


Finding commercial property for sale in London or offices to rent is easier once you’ve found the right location. The City Fringe is ideal for finding creative office spaces with businesses coming together to collaborate, creating new ideas from the heart of East London. Such thriving, fashionable districts are the perfect place to unlock your business potential.




Creative minds meet in a location which blends the old and new, where modern office blocks stand amongst charming cobbled streets and Georgian buildings. Spitalfields office space includes co-working areas for engaging with others to create new ideas and office spaces designed around the tools and features required for innovative thinking.




Office space Hackney is sought-after for its urban location, attracting a plethora of creative enterprises and start-ups to the area. There’s much regeneration happening across the borough, developing new office spaces in a bid to retain its status as one of the most desirable locations for businesses.



Home to some of the UK’s hottest start-ups, Shoreditch is famed for being part of East London’s ‘Tech City’ district. Forming a wide community of creatives, designers and entrepreneurs, Shoreditch office space provides forward-thinking businesses with the ideal environment for their ideas to come together.