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London is one of the most popular places for businesses to find a home with the capital providing an abundance of options when it comes to commercial spaces. Where demand is high, you can raise the chances of securing the right space for your business by using a specialist property consultant. They’ll have a deeper knowledge of the property market and can show you some of the best available spaces in the area.

The City Fringe offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses, including property for sale in Shoreditch, Spitalfields office space and office space Hackney based premises. If looking for a space to rent or commercial property for sale in East London, this a great location to consider.


Why Choose Property for Sale in Shoreditch?


If looking for commercial property for sale East London, Shoreditch is ideal for forward-thinking, progressive companies who strive to become more innovative.

  • Growth – Property in Shoreditch is on the rise with many developments being built across the district as well as future plans for the area. This includes The Stage on Curtain Road and The Nobu Hotel on Willow Street.
  •  Transport – Since it opened in 2010, Shoreditch High Street Station on the East London line extension has enhanced transport links to both northern and southern London locations, making it easier than ever to form a business network from the heart of Shoreditch. 
  • Reputation – Known as one of the trendiest areas in London, Shoreditch is home to some of the world’s biggest business giants, including Amazon’s new HQ at Principle Place. The area hosts an exciting mix of enterprises, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and bars in and around Great Eastern Street and Hoxton Square, attracting a large range of businesses and start-ups to the area.

How to Find the Right Space for Your Needs

Here at Belchak Corin & Co., we’ll help you secure the right unit for your business. Our local landscape and industry knowledge has given us a deep understanding of the area. Our niche, independent firm has formed strong relationships with the local community over the years, including councils, landlords and many businesses. This has helped us achieve outstanding returns for our clients, including those looking for commercial property for sale in London.

Our specialist area is East London’s City Fringe, covering locations such as Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Hackney, Dalston and beyond.

Retail & Leisure

We’ve helped grow the retail market across the City Fringe, with successful deals in established locations as well as up-and-coming hotspots.


From creative office space London to Shoreditch office space, office lettings in the eastern City Fringe have had a dramatic yearly uplift in the last few years. Belchak Corin & Co. are leading the way, achieving record-breaking results for our clients. We have an extensive understanding of tenant requirements, working closely with both landlords and occupiers.


Investment & Development

We also offer design and planning services for those wishing to create sought-after premises and have expertise in transactions across many asset classes.

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If you’re looking for property for sale in Shoreditch, including commercial property for sale London, get in touch with our knowledgeable team now.