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Working From Home ‘Not Working For Everyone’

If you’ve been holding off on your search for commercial property in Spitalfields because you were unsure whether your team would want to come back to the office, you could be pleasantly surprised to find that more people than you might imagine are looking forward to the prospect of getting back to the office.

The Independent shared research conducted by Novotel, which found that 42 per cent of Brits believe their work-life balance has become worse since they started working from home.

One-fifth of those surveyed said that this had made them realise that they use their commuting time to switch off from work and unwind before getting home. 29 per cent also said that they had found it harder to switch off from work while working at home.

Almost half (47 per cent) said that they were missing the social interaction of meeting people through their jobs.

A spokesperson for the hotel chain told the newspaper that while some are missing the downtime on their commute “others are missing the face-to-face meetings or the opportunity to travel to speak to clients and customers without a video screen between them”.

While many people are still working from home, and a number of businesses have said that employees can continue to do so in some cases well into next year, that doesn’t mean companies aren’t planning to get back to physical workspaces.

The Guardian revealed, for instance, that although Google has told its staff they can all work from home until July 2021, the tech giant is still pushing ahead with its significant new office complex in London.