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Workplace Wellbeing – The Way Forward Post-Pandemic

With lockdown restrictions being eased gradually around the UK, businesses of all shapes and sizes are now considering how they can facilitate a safe return to work for their members of staff.

Social distancing measures will need to be implemented for quite some time, a particularly important consideration for those working in office environments.

This could take the form of staggered shift patterns, barriers between workstations, no hotdesking, keeping people 2m apart wherever practical and, of course, making sure that everyone follows good hygiene protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus.

While this might sound like something of a nuisance, once it’s done it’s done and once protocols are in place and team members are aware of their personal responsibilities, you can start running your business again.

But you could also use this as a great opportunity to really prioritise wellbeing in the workplace, putting the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees at the very heart of all your operations.

Making this a priority in as many different ways as you can is sure to have a positive knock-on effect for your business, whether you decide to encourage more cycling to work, host yoga sessions on lunch breaks or make therapies like reiki and acupuncture available to all who want it.

Stress, anxiety and depression can all have a huge impact on your bottom line and you’re sure to find that employees are far happier and more productive as a result if you focus on protecting their physical and mental health.

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